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Sunset lit Pygmy Owl looking at us - What was he thinking?Backlit Pygmy Owl before zoomin on the preyPlaying dead tree. Hawk-owl gets fritghened when Northern Goshawk flies over. Note the elongated body.Hard night of partying requires day-time naps. (of course not the case)No mouse safe! -Northern Hawk-Owl on the watchHer majesty - Mrs Bubo and the last rays of sunGreat titWhat a show-off! :)Swallowing berriesWaxwing enjoying berriesSpring loveBusted, facial expression of male pheasant(In)visibleIt is not easy to play seek and hide in your most colorful jacket.Calling SnipeCoot at sunsetEurasian coot in sunset reflectionSunset and seagull reflectionItching mute swanAlways watching - mute swan